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Tina Calloway is the head gardener and landscape designer for URBAN FARMGIRLS.  She is the creative inspiration behind all UFG's design, product and branding.  Born in England to a family of avid-gardeners, some of Tina's fondest memories are of being in her grandparents' garden during the summer months while visiting from America after immigrating to the US in 1974. Helping her grandfather in his greenhouse with his tomato plants, or mowing the lawn in a crisscross pattern were many of the activities that cultivated her green thumb. Growing up, Tina lived in rural towns in California and had horses until she went away to college to focus on an art degree. Before moving to San Francisco Tina lived in Chico CA for 6 years and grew an extensive food garden during her time there. She said "I always talked about getting a degree in horticulture if I wasn't studying art, I guess things do come full circle."


nature is saturated with deity  ~emerson​

Tina is an accomplished artist with formal training in painting and design. She has taught art and food gardening courses at the Cedars of Marin Textile Art Center in San Rafael, and encaustic painting work-shops throughout San Francisco. While in the environmental horticulture program at City College of San Francisco, Tina started a vegetable plot with her daughter Maddie in the Bernal Heights Community Garden.  One day in the garden, Maddie coined the phrase Urban Farmgirls and the business was born.

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