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Here is a running tab of feedback we have received from clients over the years. Thank you for your appreciation of what we do!

Danny's Garden

Looking out the window this morning, the beauty of what Urban FarmGirls had done with our yard struck me again. Plants thriving and blooming - plants flowering that I didn’t know could flower. A couple of wine glasses left out from one of the spaces that Tina and her team had created for us so we could really enjoy our garden.

But let me back up a few months. We called several landscaping services to see what they could do with our almost-desolate backyard. We ended up with three proposals, all of which could have been good, but only Tina’s felt right. She listened to us and almost got into our heads, it was like she could see the potential of our space that we wanted but couldn’t quite describe.

Once her team got started, we knew we were in good hands. Benner worked his butt off on many days. But more than that he has a good eye. He knows what has to be done and when. He knows what works and what doesn’t. At one point he even explained that his manual labor was time better spent, and cheaper, than bringing in a big machine. Amavel has precision in his bones. Our property, like most, wasn’t quite square down to the inch. Amavel made it look like it was. A true craftsman.

I gotta say they’re both really nice guys, too. I honestly enjoyed having them around the house for the length of the project.

A little feedback that has come from our neighbors might say it best. “Those were some real professionals, huh?!” “Do you think something like that could be done with my yard?” Maybe our favorite, “You know the Google Earth thing? When does it fly over again?!”

Tina and her team will keep you involved in the process at each step - they will defer to you when appropriate, but they won’t hesitate to gently nudge you when their expertise eclipses yours. (Trust me, take their advice.)

When we had intially thought of what to do with our yard, we just wanted it to welcome us outside. But Tina and her team created beautiful spaces that almost compel us to go outside, they're that inviting.

What more can I say? I’m glad we called Urban FarmGirls.



Nancy and Sharon's Garden

Tina designed and installed an amazing artisan garden in our Noe Valley backyard. 

Her professionalism, creativity, use of repurposed materials and ease of communication made the entire design and installation project fun and exciting for us. She was able to finish hardscape and plantings within our graduation party deadline, ensuring the area was ready to handle a large, festive group.  Her crew was easy to work with, too. Their teamwork, mutual respect and ideas enabled us discuss and make decisions quickly without delaying the project. Because her crew will continue maintaining the yard, we are glad the relationship with Urban Farm Girls will continue for years to come.

We are absolutely thrilled with our new backyard and the transformation of overgrown weeds to calm beauty. Thank you, Tina!



Susan and Carl's Garden

Tina and the crew from Urban Farm Girls are simply amazing!  Recently we interviewed seven different gardening companies, for maintenance of our San Francisco garden, and we decided on Urban Farm Girls.  We are very happy!


They are prompt, reliable, highly skilled and, under Tina’s direction, responsive to our suggestions.  Today I made a list of things that we wanted them to work on, and when I stepped outside they were already working on two of them, without prompting.


Everyone from Urban Farm Girls is customer friendly and very positive.  We definitely made the right choice!



Marta and Igor's Garden

"Working with Tina was great - while artistic and knowledgeable, she is also very flexible and respectful of the client's wishes and preferences. Our landscaping projects followed a major house remodel, and Tina came on board when hardscaping was already done. Many landscape designers would have balked at being invited at such a late stage, but Tina did not mind and has done a wonderful job helping us design a water-thrifty garden that can withstand fog and wind typical for our Sunset neighborhood. Together with her able crew, Tina then sourced, staged, and installed all plants and drip irrigation. We have taken over garden maintenance since plant installation; if, however, you don't have time or interest for gardening, Urban Farmgirls can provide ongoing maintenance as well. We have received many compliments on our garden and were even thanked for raising the neighbor's property value. All in all, highly recommended!





JUNE 2013

Lindsay Brier of Anyon Interior Designs

Grow a garden: "Urban Farmgirls is a wonderful, full-service gardening company that specializes in earth-friendly alternative garden solutions. They offer a distinct line of garden products alongside design, consultation, installation and maintenance services for a variety of urbanscapes. Whether you want a lush garden, a small patio of potted plants or some indoor greenery, Tina and her crew can help." 

Ana and Ralph's Garden

"Urban Farmgirls, as with pediatricians and veterinarians, have two clients--the one in the soil and the one walking around worrying over it.  I am in awe at the way Tina handles both.  She does not just plant flora, or advise humans.  She helps humans have relationships with flora. 


Tina has introduced us to plants, installed living roofs, a living wall, and ground landscaping.  Their continuing care has allowed us to manage gardens which would have been too intimidating otherwise.  When our sandy soil and drought conditions proved a challenge, Tina had the right plant choices and even brought in a specialist to help us reuse drainage water for irrigation.


"I do not have the skills and experience to tackle my urban garden.  I do not want to simply pay a gardener to tend it for me.  Tina helped me to have a relationship with my plantings that involves me, but....not at the plantings' expense.  I am forever grateful."



Kat's Garden

"Early last spring, my husband and I had decided to put a patio in part of our backyard. I had checked out a few websites for different landscapers, but nothing really struck me as what I was looking for. Then I discovered Urban Farmgirls and Tina who was doing a presentation at Annie's Annuals. I contacted Tina and asked if she took on small projects since I was not in a position to do the whole yard.  She said sure and that was the beginning of the best decision I've made yet as a homeowner.


Tina and I met and I explained that I was interested in using local or salvaged materials as much as possible. I had a few things I definitely wanted the patio to include (benches, and a soft groundcover area for my dog to lay in). Tina was totally receptive to my wishes and she had her own ideas which built on her knowledge and creativity. By the end of the summer, with the help of her charming crew, Jeff and Brigitte, the patio was complete. It's an amazing space. Tina is an easy person to work with. She is an artist without an ego who does great work and really listens to her clients.I feel very fortunate to have found her and her company."


- Kat 

Grace's Garden

Tina and her staff are fantastic. She had brilliant and unusual ideas for renovating my tiny patio garden, and knew as if by instinct exactly what we'd like. She created a lovely drought tolerant garden in a dingy, shady, north-facing spot which is now the envy of my neighbors.

The transformation happened in only a few days, which was surprisingly fast -as any homeowner knows, house renovations and improvements can take forever and be a huge inconvenience. Not so with Urban Farmgirls -in fact I was sorry to see the project completed so quickly as it was such a pleasure to talk each day with Tina and Jeff and exchange ideas. The entire process was a pleasure and I couldn't be happier with the result.





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