GROW ​how to care for UFG product





Plants are drought tolerant when established.  Great for frost-free patios and landscapes.

Needs well-drained soil, bright light to full sun.
Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.
Plants will look best with regular watering in the warmer months.
Do not over water in winter or if indoors.



Our living wreaths will last indefinitely if taken care of on a regular basis.

HOW TO WATER:  fully submerge wreath in H2O for 2 minutes!

​1.  If your wreath is in a sunny spot, water at least 1x per week.

​2. If your wreath is in full shade, water closer to 1x every 2 weeks.

​3. Fertilize monthly, but only if you water regularly.



Plants are drought tolerant when established.
Best for frost-free gardens.
Let dry out between waterings, 7 to 14 days until established water more regularly when plants are rooting and still young.
Boxes can tolerate living indoors for shorter durations with less watering.



Airplants do best in bright indirect light.  Water regularly, 2x a month.  Fertilize monthly if you keep a regular watering schedule.  When hydrating plants, best practice is to submerge plants in luke warm water for 60 seconds.  Remove and shake plants to remove excess water.