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THE CONCEPT like a painting, every garden has its own story 


what we do

Urban FarmGirls was founded by Tina Calloway in March, 2009.  Tina started the business by creating her own line of Pozzola artisan pots combined with her unique vision of garden and plant design.  Based in the foggy hills of San Francisco, California, UFG is now an established garden design company specializing in earth-friendly alternative garden solutions.  We offer a distinct line of garden products along side our design, consultation, installation and maintenance services for a variety of urbanscapes.  UFG enhances lifestyles by helping people to reconnect with nature in the urban environment by providing sustainable and expressive landscaping solutions.  From contemporary to traditional landscapes, we approach every design with an artistic eye that is second to none. 

why we do it

We are inspired by the people we work with everyday. Our clients are the foundation of our business, and we are driven by their continued appreciation.

Gardening isn't just about moving dirt.

It is the plants and the endless inspiration they provide.

It is the garden tours and shows where we ply our trade.

It is the other SF businesses we work with everyday.

It is sense of community we get from keeping it local.

It is being creative while reducing, reusing and recycling.
It is that feeling we get at the end of the day,
when the last plant in snug in the ground,
the last pebble swept into place,
when we can look around

and feel good about what we have created.

it's not just plants.
it's people.
it's art.
it's community.

Tina Calloway

URBAN FARMGIRLS Founder and Designer 

Tina Calloway is the founder of Urban FarmGirls. She is the original creative inspiration behind UFG's garden designs, product and branding.  Born in England to a family of avid-gardeners, Tina immigrated to the US with her parents in 1974. Some of her fondest memories are of being in her grandparents' garden during the summer months when she visited from America. Helping her grandfather in his greenhouse with his tomato plants, or mowing the lawn in a crisscross pattern, were many of the activities that cultivated her green thumb. Growing up, Tina lived in rural towns in California and had horses until she went away to college to focus on an art degree. Before moving to San Francisco Tina lived in Chico CA for 6 years and grew an extensive food garden during her time there. She said "I always talked about getting a degree in horticulture if I wasn't studying art, I guess things do come full circle."



Find a curated selection of Urban FarmGirls products on our online store. More Pozzola collections, living wreaths, DIY kits, garden gifts and decor can be found at the link below.

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