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Garden & Product Design
Urban FarmGirls San Francisco

Garden & Product Design

Video by Wendy Testu

Urban Farm Girls Garden Design San Francisco_edited.jpg
the process

​1. Every garden design starts with a (non-refundable) onsite consultation.

2. We take the time to speak with you about what you want and gather the details we need to make it happen.

Bring your ideas to the drawing board and share them with us!

3.  Then we work our magic and present a design

4.  You give us your approval, ;).

5.  We get started!

Special Features

Looking for something particular?  We have examples of several special projects below.  Edible gardens, small space design, modern touches, custom containers, and tiny shacks.  Click on the galleries below for more images to get some inspiration.

See something you like?  Want to get started?  Contact us!  We can't wait to hear form you!

Before and After Gallery

Need some inspiration?  Check out some of our before and after pictures to get an idea of what we can do for you.  

It can be difficult to visualize the possibilities of a space, and we can help.  It is what we do!

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